Application Information

If you are wondering how to apply, please click the button below. anyone and everyone can apply, though only a lucky few will make it in. Good luck to you!

We will be accepting people on a monthly basis, and should you miss a round, you will be considered in the next acceptance batch.


  • You will have a helpful community to brainstorm / interact / and grow with.

  • you will have access to people who can help troubleshoot most if not all errors.

  • You will have your go lives / tweets / youtube videos hitting the discord so that people can more readily find your exciting content.

  • Your voice matters and will be heard, by reaching out to admins / mods / team members you can impact the team in a great way!

  • we will be having team meetings on a monthly basis and this is a great time for you to tell us about your experiences.

  • you will be fast tracked on a path to attain affiliate (after we understand your analytics / time to attain this changes based off of your analytics).